How have you balanced your career in business with your interests in writing and publishing? Interview by “With Five Questions”

It’s been difficult to balance the two. When I started writing, I did it as a hobby primarily. I did it because I just enjoyed it and wanted to tell some stories. It wasn’t really a priority for me. When I could find time, I sat down and wrote a little bit. But the more I wrote, the more I wanted to write even more. I wasn’t satisfied with having a book sitting incomplete, so I started to schedule more of my time for writing. I had to keep in mind that business was what made money. In the early days, writing only cost me money in terms of time, and writing at that point didn’t have much financial return. As I wrote more, I started to dedicate a little more time each day to writing until I finished a particular project. That’s really how I still do it. I don’t write full time. I still have business to tend to, but I really try to manage my time well. There’s always going to be sleepless nights when I’m working on a project or missed meetings or cancelled lunches, but I’ve come to accept that.

In the past few years, however, I’ve really started to focus more and more on writing as a business unto itself. I’ve chosen to go the independent, self-published route for a number of reasons that are neither here nor there, and that has really gotten me to examine and get deeply involved in the business aspect of being an independent, self-published author. I’ve really integrated the entire process from writing to marketing into my overall business structure and found some synergies there. I’ve adopted the perspective that as a writer I’m creating a product and it’s my company’s job to sell copies of my book. It’s been a very entrepreneurial endeavor in writing a book and bringing it to market. That’s one of the primary reasons that I’m working on setting up the National Federation of Self-Published Author Entrepreneurs as an outlet and resource for other self-published authors who are serious enough about writing to undertake it as an entrepreneurial business venture. If you’re a writer who is serious about your work, you can turn your writing endeavors into a business. Just like any entrepreneurial venture, it’s not necessarily easy, and it takes a lot of dedication and hard work. But if you dedicate yourself to it and have a passion for it, you can make self-publishing a successful enterprise.

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