JP: What sets “Conversations on the Bench” apart from other books in the same genre?

DC: I think most other inspirational books tell one person’s story and how they overcame some adversity in life. “Conversations on the Bench” is a collection of life lessons told through a series of conversations that Sebastian had with Robbie. It’s an older brother-like figure sharing wisdom that he’s gained throughout his life and through his own experiences.

This isn’t the story of someone who had a hard life or had to fight some disease or overcome a debilitating injury. Unless you fought the same disease or had the same injury or a similar circumstance, it’s hard to relate to that person. It’s great to read their stories and you get a sense of satisfaction that if they overcame adversity so can you.

“Conversations on the Bench” has some lesson or some bit of insight that everyone can use. Not every lesson or every bit of wisdom may be relevant to the reader, but everyone can find something in the book to relate to. I’ve been told by readers that they feel like the book is speaking directly to them, and I think that’s what’s really important and what sets it apart from other motivational or inspirational books.

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