Miss Matisse Interview- With Published Author Digger Cartwright Question 3

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Miss Matisse: Wow! I’m actually quite shocked at how you can remember everything from the titles of your books that you’ve written, all the way up to which stories have been the favorites amongst your fans, and why they’ve been favorites! Your quality of writing is phenomenal might I add…I’d say our readers are in for a definite treat! Do you have any degrees or formal training in writing?

Digger Cartwright: I do not. I had a lot of practice diagramming sentences in school when I was a kid, so it really helped with grammar and sentence structure. I always had a fondness for literature, so I took a good deal of literature classes in college and that required a good deal of writing. Aside from that, I’ve really just had to pick it up along the way. As I mentioned before, I was always a prolific reader, so I picked up a lot in terms of style and technique from other writers over the years.



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