Mystery Novelist Digger Cartwright Participates in Thinking Outside the Boxe’s 10th Annual Symposium

Orlando, FL, Miami, FL & Washington, D.C. January 21, 2014—The office of Digger Cartwright, mystery novelist and industrialist, released the transcripts of his opening statement and his responses to the question and answer session from Thinking Outside the Boxe’s 10th Annual Symposium held in Orlando from December 26-31, 2013.  The symposium focused on a variety of topics such as domestic politics, recent economic conditions and the outlook for the coming year, social issues, etc.

Mr. Cartwright’s opening statement was as follows:

“It’s a pleasure to be here today for this most memorable occasion as we celebrate the 10th Annual Thinking Outside the Boxe Symposium.  It’s a humble honor to be invited to this event to share my thoughts and my perspective on the world’s problems and issues that we’re facing here in America.  Over the years I have found the events hosted by Thinking Outside the Boxe to be insightful and refreshing as individuals from all walks of life join together for conversation, discussion, and debate about ways to make our nation stronger, more prosperous, and more secure.  And no matter how our opinions may differ, and often times they differ greatly, we meet not in any adversarial or politically partisan manner but rather we come together in the spirit of our great American ideals.

It is not just those gathered here at this symposium or the champagne summits who share a commitment to the principle that we the people form the basis of our government and that we the people, regardless of backgrounds, form the foundation of our constitutional republic.  This is a belief shared by many millions of Americans throughout our great nation who go to work each day, who raise a family, who participate in their communities but who don’t have the opportunity to participate in events such as this.  These Americans feel they no longer have a voice in the politics of America.  They feel left out of the process.  They feel they cannot make a difference.  They feel that the government is no longer of the people, by the people, and for the people but rather the government is of the special interests and political elite, by the special interests and political elite, and for the special interests and political elite.  They feel increasingly isolated in their lives from the Washington bureaucracy and the political elites that have become detached from the reality of the world outside of Washington, DC and can no longer relate to the wants, needs, interests, concerns, and plights of the American taxpayers and their families.

This isolation and detachment, the growing rift between the people and the political elites, the special interests, and the bureaucracy, pose a great threat to the long-term stability of our nation.  Our Founding Fathers rightly feared an unchecked and powerful federal government.  They feared it would erode the freedoms they had fought so hard to secure for our nation, and they feared its unchecked power and expansion would lead to the very tyranny from which they had fought to free our nation. We are seeing the effects of an expanding federal government that has gradually been increasing its power and control over the lives of the American people all under the guise that the politicians know what’s best for the people and that they know better than the people.  The politicians no longer believe they work for we the people.  They increasingly believe that we the people work for them.  And in a nation where half the people pay the taxes to fund the government and care for the other half of the people, the American taxpayer does, in fact, work for Uncle Sam.  Those who are dependent upon the federal government are slaves to Uncle Sam just as those who work and pay taxes are increasingly slaves to Uncle Sam as well.

I have spoken at length in the past about the crossroads at which we find ourselves as a nation.  We cannot survive as a nation where half are enslaved to work to fund the government and half are enslaved to receive the handout from the government.  We cannot survive as a nation where the government becomes more and more isolated from the people and where the people become more and more like subjects.  There is an old saying that all it takes for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.

To those who feel increasingly less relevant in the political process and who feel they can’t influence the process, I would encourage you to become more engaged.  Write letters.  Make phone calls.  Educate yourselves about the candidates then vote for the best person for the job.  Vote not for the political party, but vote for the person who you feel can make a difference.  Let your voices be heard.  Real and meaningful change will not come easily and may not come overnight, but a groundswell of public engagement in the political process will show that we the people still have voices and that we the people still determine our future as a nation.  To those who still doubt they can make a difference, I would say only that silence will ensure that you don’t make a difference.  Silence will allow the federal government to expand its power and control and destroy the foundation upon which our nation was build.  Silence empowers tyrants.

To those here today and at this week’s events, it is up to us to ensure that the dialogues and conversations and discussions and debates continue even after the conclusion of this symposium.  It is up to us to speak up for those who have no voice or who are afraid of being heard.  It is up to us to get more people engaged in our efforts.  None of us here have all the answers nor do we necessarily have the right answers, but through collective efforts among ourselves and in conjunction with our fellow Americans we can offer up a host of solutions, alternatives, and new perspectives.  Together we can address and solve the problems that weaken our nation and our society.  Divided we ensure that the solutions to the problems are left in the hands of would-be tyrants seeking self-preservation in Washington.  Putting aside political differences and working together we move America forward not for one class but for all the citizens of our great nation.  Allowing political philosophies to divide us we ensure that the American people remain enslaved to Washington, the political elites, the special interests, and the bureaucracy.

Americans have always come together in times of crises.  During the crises in our history, we have put aside that which divided us and concentrated on that which united us.  Let us strive to focus on that which unites us as a great nation and address our problems together.  Let us respect differing opinions and perspectives and seek compromise rather than imposing our individual will on others.  Our efforts all begin by talking to one another, listening to one another, and trying to understand one another.  So let the talking begin.

I hope that on this 10th anniversary of the Thinking Outside the Boxe symposium the talking that begins today will be the start of a new decade of continued efforts and that the talking will continue for years to come.  I hope that what we do and say here is not lost on those in attendance or those who follow Thinking Outside the Boxe.  I hope that in some way our efforts here make a positive difference.  Thank you again to our hosts for this event.  I look forward to our discussions.”

The transcripts of Mr. Cartwright’s responses in the question and answer session are available at or  The transcripts of additional interactions between Mr. Cartwright and other panelists were not made available by Thinking Outside the Boxe.


About Mr. Cartwright— Digger Cartwright is the author of several mystery stories, teleplays, and novels including The Versailles Conspiracy, a modern day political thriller, Murder at the Ocean Forest, a traditional mystery novel set in the 1940s, The House of Dark Shadows, a psychological thriller, and The Maynwarings: A Game of Chance, a mystery set in the Old West.  His latest book, Conversations on the Bench, is an inspirational/motivational novel.  His books are available in hardback, paperback, and e-book format through his website,, on-line booksellers and bookstores.

Mr. Cartwright has contributed to a number of articles on a wide range of financial, strategic planning, and policy topics.  He frequently contributes articles, commentaries, and editorials focusing on current economic and political topics for the private think tank, Thinking Outside the Boxe.

Mr. Cartwright is an enthusiastic supporter of local no-kill animal shelters, the Wounded Warrior Project, and local Meals on Wheels programs.

He enjoys golf, participating in charity golf tournaments, and attending WWE events.  He divides his time between Washington, D.C., South Carolina, and Florida.

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Twitter:   @mysterydigger



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