Interview with This Lady Writes part 3

How long did it take for you to write the book?  

Actually writing the book was the easy part.  Getting to the point where I could start writing was a bit of a challenge.  I had to rely on conversations with Mr. Clinger and others to get an understanding of Sebastian.  That’s how I got to know him.  It took several years to get enough information from people to be comfortable with writing the book.  Look, each lesson in the book was one that Sebastian had recounted in some way to Robbie, so I had to get the story behind each one.  Between my schedule and other people’s schedules it wasn’t always easy to connect for a long phone call.  It would have been much easier to just get the information from Sebastian, but that wasn’t possible.  Once I had all the information, actually writing the book took about six or seven months.  Then, of course, we had the editing process and publishing.  And really, this is about average for me—six or seven months to write a manuscript.  I don’t sit down and write full time everyday.  I’ve got a business to run, and time is at a premium, so I try to work writing into my schedule as time permits.

This Lady Writes

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