Ten reasons Digger loves #WWENetwork @wwebestdressed 9

It’s a groundbreaking business model with applications elsewhere—The WWE Network is just sheer brilliance; it is consumer empowerment at its finest.  Giving subscribers the ability to watch regularly scheduled daily programming, programs from the WWE vault and archives, original wrestling programs like Main Event, NXT, and Superstars, pay-per-view events, and access to all of this anytime and anywhere from a laptop, tablet, or smartphone is revolutionary in content delivery.  No one else is doing this.  If I want to watch a baseball game, I either have to find it on television or subscribe to the MLB Network, and then I can’t watch it on the road or in the middle of the night.  Same thing goes with the NFL or the PGA or the news networks or any of the other networks.  Wouldn’t it be great if you could watch old episodes of network programming on your tablet or smartphone, without commercials, anytime anywhere?  Sure, there are places where you can get some old episodes of certain shows, but what if you could search the entire vault of CBS or ABC or NBC programming?  What if you could watch this anytime you wanted?  Maybe the WWE Network will prompt other entities to sit up, take notice then follow suit.  I’m ready for more options!  As other content providers attempt to duplicate the WWE Network model, we need to keep in mind the mastermind who led the way—Vince McMahon.’


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