Ten reasons Digger loves #WWENetwork @wwebestdressed 8

It’s better than anything on TV—Let’s face it.  Most of the programming on network television is complete crap these days.  I could care less about all the reality shows and the droll comedies and the poorly written dramas on the networks and the remakes of old TV shows.  And I definitely can’t stand the 24-hour news networks anymore!  I don’t want to hear the same propaganda over and over again and have social commentaries shoved down my throat by the network programs.  WWE Network offers a new episode of NXT, Main Event, and Superstars every week!  It’s all good, clean entertainment.  Sure, there may be some recaps of what happened on RAW or SmackDown, but these programs have new matches every week.  It’s never the same thing twice!  And you often get to see superstars that don’t get much of a push on RAW or SmackDown.  But it doesn’t end there.  I can hardly pass up Wrestlemania Rewind.  I remember most of those matches like they were yesterday, and I was even there for some of them.


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