Ten reasons Digger loves #WWENetwork @wwebestdressed 5

Can watch it anytime and anywhere—One of the best aspects of WWE Network is that I can watch it anytime or anywhere on my tablet or smartphone. This really comes in handy on long car or train rides or while my car is stuck in traffic.  But I can watch it in the middle of the night if I can’t sleep or in the morning while I’m having a cup of tea, and I can start and stop the programming and come back to it if I need to.  There’s no remembering to record a program.  You can search the WWE vault for what you want and watch it whenever you want, and I don’t have to worry about being at home to watch the shows when they air originally (except for RAW and SmackDown).  If I’m out of town, I don’t have to find a place to go to watch the pay-per-views; now I can watch them wherever I am.  I can go back and watch Vince McMahon tell Bret Hart that each and every member of the Hart family is a dysfunctional derelict or Mark Henry’s tearful encounter with John Cena or the Fiesta Del Rio with Hornswoggle and the piñata.    Anywhere. Over and over again, if I want.


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