Thanksgiving Thanks from Princess Stefani & Princess Caroline

  1. Our Cat Tree House—We have the mac daddy of all tree houses for us to play and hide in.
  2. Our Purr Padds and a big warm bed to sleep on—We catch lots of cat naps and have plenty of room to share with the human.
  3. Sunny Seat—We get lots of sun and a great view from our window perch.
  4. Cat Genie—We love a clean litter box! It’s so much better than the box we had at the shelter.  Sometimes we even ride in it!
  5. Lots of Stuffed Animals and Toys—We never get bored with all the toys we have, and we love to snuggle with our stuffed animals when the human isn’t around.
  6. Yummies!—We love our Blue Buffalo Wilderness treats! The trout is our favorite.
  7. Good food—Our human gives us lots of good food. It’s organic, made in the USA, and even human consumable.  We’d like to see him eat it!  But, we don’t like the peas!
  8. A safe home with lots of places to run and hide—Our human protects us, and we know nothing is going to get us in our home. We don’t have to worry about anything anymore!  We’ve got lots of places to run and hide—especially in the middle of the night when the human is sleeping!
  9. Lots of loving from the human and each other—Our human gives us lots of attention and love, and sometimes we show him a little bit of affection.
  10. Being rescued and cared for by my human—We’ve found our furrever home! We know that we’re not going anywhere now.  Our human takes good care of us, and we try to make sure that we make him smile.
  11. A big TV for us to watch Animal Planet and WWE—Our human doesn’t get to watch too much TV, but we don’t mind when he does. We’ll watch whatever he wants.


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