Should we negotiate with terrorists? If so, how much is too much when bargaining with them?

I don’t think we should bargain with terrorists at all.  It’s a losing proposition.  If you give into them once, you’ll be giving into them forever, and you’ll never go back.  Bargaining with terrorists sets a dangerously destabilizing precedent.  It gives them a sense of legitimacy and makes other terrorists think that we’ll come to the bargaining table with them.  Frankly, going to the bargaining table with terrorists is a sign of weakness.  You can’t negotiate with people who think you’re weak; that’s a one-sided negotiation and the terrorists would come out ahead.  You have to deal with these people from a position of strength.  If they say we’re going to kill the hostage unless you give us ten of the prisoners from Guantanamo Bay and then we give them the prisoners, they’re going to go get another hostage and make the same deal or a better deal, and remember that there is no guarantee that we’ll get the hostage back alive.  Chances are that they’re going to kill the hostages anyway.  But let’s say we do make a deal; then, they’ll keep pushing the envelope.  Our position should be that we’re not going to negotiate at all and that if you kill one of our people we’ll hunt you down and kill you and all your terrorist friends.
Now, here’s a sad reality.  This is going to end up costing the lives of the hostages.  These people don’t deserve to die.  I don’t like the idea of sacrificing them, but it’s the sad reality that it’s what we need to do.  They were probably just doing their jobs and got caught up in the crossfire so to speak.  However, they assumed the risks of going to countries in conflict or countries that harbor terrorists whether they went their willingly or reluctantly as part of their job.  They may be workers who didn’t have a choice, but I would hope that their employers would provide adequate security contractors for their protection.


Whether people want to admit it or not, we are still at war with terrorists.  No matter what the liberal media says or wants you to believe, the global war on terror is still alive and well.  We didn’t defeat the terrorists in Iraq and Afghanistan.  They’re still there, and they’ve spread to other countries in the Middle East.  Haven’t you heard about ISIS and their activities in Syria?  Oh, that’s right; we’re not supposed to talk about that elephant in the room.  And how about the murder of Ambassador Stevens and others in Benghazi, Libya?  The terrorists were responsible for that.  What did we do?  Not much.  I think the federal government is still investigating it.


These terrorists would destroy western civilization if they had it in their power, and they’re getting better organized and better funded all the time.  The terrorists aren’t going away willingly.  We need to ramp up the global war on terror, even if it is a politically unpopular issue.  We know the general area where the terrorists are.  Let’s bomb the hell out of them.  For every hostage of ours that they kill, we should kill a thousand or ten thousand of the terrorists.  Are innocent people going to be killed?  Yes, and that’s unfortunate, but that’s what happens in war.  Our political leaders can idealize about sanctions and working with the intelligence community and working with the people in countries that are hotbeds for terrorism, but that isn’t going to work.  The Iranian hostage crisis proved that.  The only language these people understand is force, and the force of the United States’ military is a mighty force to be reckoned with.  Let’s use it.  No more troops on the ground.  Bomb them into submission.

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