Do we need to re-think our overall foreign policy?


What foreign policy?  Is our president still going around the world apologizing or is he just going around the world on social calls?  Has any of this administration’s foreign policy, if you can call it that, been successful?  No.  Russia is still in Ukraine.  North Korea engaged in cyber warfare and we’ve done nothing about it.  We’re normalizing relations with Cuba which has one of the worst human rights violation records in the world.  The terrorists are still beheading hostages.  Syria’s dictatorship is still battling rebels and terrorists.  If we have a foreign policy, it’s a disgrace.


So, yes, I think we need to formulate a foreign policy.  It needs to be one of strength.  We shouldn’t have and shouldn’t be apologizing to anyone.  We’ve done nothing wrong.  Let’s mind our own business and worry about our people before we start worrying about the people in other countries.  I’m painfully aware of the plight of people in many countries throughout the world, but it’s not our responsibility to take care of them.  There are terribly brutal and ruthless dictators throughout the world, but if they’re not bothering us and if they’re not supporting or harboring terrorists, what business is it of ours?  So, here’s my foreign policy.


  1. Rout out and kill the terrorists, wherever they are. If you’re harboring the terrorists in your country or backing them, we’ll rout you out in the process.
  2. Stop giving money to all these foreign countries. The federal government is giving the tax dollars generated by hard-working people in America to countries who hate us and do nothing for us. Let’s cut them off from funding; it’s a total waste.
  3. Stay out of other countries’ business unless it has a direct impact on our interests or those of our allies. Just because Vladimir Putin is a ruthless dictator who invaded Ukraine doesn’t mean we need to get involved. Ukraine is nothing to us. Just because Bashar al-Assad in Syria is a ruthless dictator who has murdered thousands of his own people doesn’t mean we should get involved and back the “rebels.”  For all we know these “rebels” or as the liberal media likes to say “freedom fighters” are actually the terrorists.  In fact, I think we did prove that they are terrorists.
  4. If another country attacks us or one of our close allies (like Great Britain or Japan for instance), we wipe them out.
  5. If another country is seeking nuclear weapons, blow up their facilities. If they’re still pursuing nuclear weapons, wipe them out with a nuclear weapon and show them and remind the world why rogue regimes don’t need to pursue nuclear weapons or a nuclear program.
  6. Use sanctions only for economic issues. Sanctions don’t stop nuclear weapons programs. Sanctions don’t stop terrorists.


Pretty simple, isn’t it?

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