Should illegal immigrants or any non-citizen be able to receive government financial assistance (i.e. welfare, food stamps, etc.)?

No.  Let me make that an emphatic, ‘No.’ Government financial assistance is first and foremost for citizens and taxpayers of the United States.  Why would we give any type of benefit to someone who comes to this country, particularly if they come here illegally, and who isn’t a citizen?  Illegal immigrants don’t have the same rights as U.S. citizens just because they found a way to sneak into the country or came here on a visa but then didn’t leave.  They certainly aren’t entitled to anything, except maybe a one way deportation ticket.  We can’t put the burden of taking care of these people and their families on the shoulders of hardworking Americans, some of whom are struggling themselves.  If someone is hurt or seriously ill and needs to go to the emergency room for a life threatening injury or condition, they should get treated but it shouldn’t be free.  If the illegal shows up with a cold and wants treatment, they should have to pay on the spot or be turned away.


The effort to say that they are already paying into the system is erroneous.  Most of these illegals are working for cash, so they’re not paying income taxes which fund entitlement programs.  They do pay sales tax when they buy goods but that goes to state and local governments.  Since most of them don’t own property and rent living quarters, they’re not contributing to the tax base from which most counties derive funds for police, fire, libraries, public services, and schools.


I find it quite repulsive that people want to give illegals benefits when there are plenty of working poor who can’t get assistance.  How do you justify giving the former college student turned illegal welfare or the illegal with ten kids food stamps and at the same time tell the single mom working two jobs that she doesn’t qualify?  The illegals milking the system here in the United States need to be rounded up and deported.  They’re not contributing to this country; they’re only taking.  It should be easy to find these people.  If they’re getting a check sent to them, we know where they are.  If they’re using the EBT cards, we know where they use them so we should be able to track them down.

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