Do celebrities have a responsibility to be positive role models for young Americans?

I would say that celebrities to some degree do have a responsibility to be positive role models.  But there are two problems here.  First, television and the media love to portray derelict celebrities as being cool and as being successful.  This gives young people the wrong idea; they think they can be rich and famous by being derelicts as well.  This is quite a moral hazard.  Second, parents are the best role models for their children.  They can’t subrogate responsibility for raising their children right and teaching their children morals and values to someone else.

There’s no doubt that celebrities have a tremendous influence on the youth in this country.  Actors and athletes are in the spotlight.  They get a lot of time on TV.  Kids want to emulate these people.  Kids see these people on TV and follow their lives online and social media.  They see them acting like fools and disrespecting others and the law without consequences then the kids think they can do this too and also face no consequences.  These kids get brainwashed in a way.


Parents and society need to do a better job educating children about actions and consequences.  Kids see these celebrities as heroes.  We need to better educate kids as to who the real heroes are.  The actor or athlete is rarely the hero.  The real heroes in this world are the teachers, the EMS responders and doctors, the police, the firemen, the members of the armed forces, and the veterans.  Let’s teach kids to look up to these people, but it’s sort of hard to do that when the media in this country wants to push the actors and athletes in your face as being such great people.

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