Should the government be involved in the politics of sports (LA Clippers, Washington Redskins, etc.)?

The government shouldn’t be involved in private business matters unless the law has been or is being broken.  Let’s look at Don Sterling and the Clippers controversy.  It’s not the government’s right to attempt to strip private property just because liberals don’t like what someone said.  First off, I could care less what he said.  We still have freedom of speech as guaranteed by the 1st amendment to the Constitution.  If you don’t like what he said, don’t patronize the Clippers.  I find it quite ironic that despite the controversy the fans didn’t abandon the team.  The fans were still filling the seats.  The players didn’t quit.  They still played each game.  If what he said had been so egregious and inflammatory, the players should have all quit and the fans should have boycotted the team and the games.


Same thing goes for the Washington Redskins controversy.  Last time I saw a Redskins game on TV it looked like the stands were pretty well filled.  The fans haven’t abandoned the team.  The players haven’t quit.


Personally, I don’t think most people care about these “controversies.”  These are all distractions created by the media.  The free markets work.  If the consumers didn’t like what Sterling said or found the Redskins name and logo so offensive, the teams would pay a price for it financially.  That didn’t really happen.


We have nearly $20 trillion in national debt.  One in six Americans go to bed hungry at night.  Over fifty million people in the greatest and most prosperous nation in the world don’t know where their next meal is coming from.  Our children are falling farther and farther behind in education.  These are the real problems.  Why don’t they talk about these issues and get people fired up to find a solution for these very real problems?  Why does the media even bother with crap like the Clippers or Redskins?

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