How do we stop the flow of illegal immigrants through our borders?

I know there are some people who think this issue is as simple as closing the borders.  There’s no doubt that we need to tighten up the U.S.-Mexico border.  We’ve got people just walking across into the U.S., bringing kids here or having kids here, then expecting us to take care of them.  Let’s load up the border with drones, the military and border patrol and turn these people away.  I won’t hesitate to say we shoot them if they are sneaking across the border; that sends a powerful message.  Plus an increased military presence and a shoot to kill mandate will help with the paramilitary drug cartels just across the border.  We’re at war with the terrorists but we’re also at war with the paramilitary drug cartels in Mexico.


There are plenty illegals here who actually came here legally, most of them on student visas who stayed after the visa expired.  We need to round them up and send them back where they came from, even if that isn’t a politically popular thing to do.  These people have broken the law.  They need to face the consequences.  Then, we need to fix the broken immigration system.  We need a better way to track the people who come into this country.  With the technology we have today, let’s look to biometrics to keep track of people who come here.  When their time is up, if they haven’t left the country, we track them down or make it very difficult for them to survive here.  Make it difficult for them to get a job, rent an apartment, drive a car, and open bank accounts, and so on.


I’m not opposed to people immigrating to the United States.  However, there is a legal way for people who want to immigrate here to do so.  They need to follow the law to immigrate here.  If they do that, I welcome them.  If they break the law and stay here illegally or sneak across the border, they need to face stiff consequences.

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