Is political correctness infringing our freedom of religion (if you’re a Christian)?

Yes, there’s no doubt about that.  The liberal, anti-Christians want to religiously emasculate us.  You can’t say Merry Christmas.  It has to be Happy Holidays so you don’t offend someone else.  That’s bullshit.  If you don’t celebrate Christmas, that’s fine, but why get offended by it?  If someone wished me Happy Hanukah, I wouldn’t be offended.  I’d tell them thank you and same to them.  I think the underlying theme behind the holidays, regardless of which holiday you celebrate, is peace and goodwill, which I talked about at length in my speech yesterday at lunch.  So, why are people so worried about expressing the Christian faith during Christmas?


Maybe those who object also object to peace and goodwill?  Is that why they want to take away any mention of Christmas?  If you don’t believe in Christ, that’s your right, but if you don’t want to allow others to celebrate a message of peace and goodwill, what does that say about you and your tolerance?  If I celebrate Christmas and say Merry Christmas, that doesn’t mean you have to believe what I do or that you have to agree with me.  If, however, you’re offended by it, you need to get thicker skin, and if that’s the only thing you have to worry about, you need to get a life.  Instead of worrying about Christmas, how about focusing those energies on something productive like feeding the hungry or helping those who have been displaced or caring for homeless animals?


I really think we’ve allowed the entire political correctness issue to go too far, but I’ll not digress into that bigger discussion.  Clearly, we’ve also allowed the secularization of Christmas to go too far as well.  The argument that you can’t display the Nativity or just about any other sign of Christmas on some government property as a violation of the separation of church and state is ridiculous.  This country was founded by Christians, more devout Christians that we can probably imagine today.  Our Founding Fathers showed their faith through prayer and the numerous references to God in the federal government.  They mention the Creator in the Declaration of Independence.  Each President has placed his hand on The Bible and said “So help me God” at the end of the Presidential Oath of Office.  Yet there are still some who want to take all references to this away.


If you don’t celebrate Christmas, that’s ok.  You’re not obligated to do so, but don’t tell me that I can’t celebrate it openly as we have done in this nation for hundreds of years.  And, if you’re a foreigner here and you’re of another faith, learn to live with it.  I sincerely doubt that your homeland would scrap any celebration of your faith if I went there and objected to it.


What is sad as well is that businesses of all sizes are getting sucked into this ‘Happy Holidays’ nonsense lest they potentially offend someone and that someone may not do business with them.  These business owners need to get some guts.  I don’t care what holiday people celebrate.  I do business with them based on their reputation, their honesty, their quality, and so on.  I’m certainly not going to be offended if I go into your business and you’re celebrating another holiday.


Let’s get real people.  Time to stop this nonsense.  Quit trying to secularize Christmas!

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