Revisit: Interview by Mdluchies: What has been your favorite project as an author?

DC: I don’t know that I could pick out a favorite project of the books that I’ve written.  They’re all labors of love, and they’re all like my children.  I’ve dedicated a great deal of time and energy to bringing these books to fruition, and they’re all so distinctly different that it’s tough to say I have a favorite.  Having said that, my new book, Conversations on the Bench, was particularly rewarding for different reasons.  I got to step out of my mystery writing frame of mind where you create everything from scratch and step into the role of being a storyteller of the lives of actual people.  I got to meet and get to know a couple of very interesting people and tell their story.  In doing this, I found myself very inspired by the protagonist of the book.  His story was very uplifting and motivational, and it was very emotional.  It was a chance to share with others some wit and wisdom that everyone can relate to in some way.   It’s sort of like stating the obvious, but the lessons are coming from this very fascinating individual and are explained in a way that only he could explain them.  So, I would say that Conversations on the Bench was a very interesting and rewarding experience, but all my books have been very enjoyable projects for me.

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