Revisit: Interview by Mdluchies: How did you get your start as a writer?

Digger Cartwright: I think my first writing experience was writing a different ending to a book.  I didn’t like the ending.  I thought it should end a different way, so I sat down and wrote the last two chapters the way I figured they should be.  I guess I realized at that point that I enjoyed creative writing.  I started out by writing some short stories and screenplays.  I wrote an early version of The Versailles Conspiracy that was my first attempt at a full length novel.  It came out more like a movie, so I locked it away.  My writing progressed from there, and I wrote Murder at the Ocean Forest as my first full length novel.  I was in the back of a limo on a long trip and I wrote the outline for the novel and made a lot of notes

about the characters.  When I got home, I started working on it and never really stopped writing.  I went from that back to The Versailles Conspiracy then to The House of Dark Shadows then The Maynwarings and now Conversations on the Bench.

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