Revisit: Interview By Mdluchies: ML: What was your inspiration behind the Conversations on the Bench?

DC: I was actually asked to write Conversations on the Bench by the founder of Thinking Outside the Boxe as a tribute to his good friend and colleague, Sebastian.  I met Sebastian on one occasion and over the course of a couple days got to know him and hear a little of his story.  He was a larger than life type of guy, a real life of the party.  He just had this tremendous positive energy about him, and he had a story that I knew had to be told.  I was a little hesitant at first to undertake a project that was out of my comfort zone, but the more I learned about this guy, the more I wanted to write this book.  He was a truly inspirational figure to a lot of people, and I figured it was my calling to tell his story.  It was almost as if Fate had arranged this.  I get invited to this symposium being held by this think tank that I hadn’t heard of at that point.  This was back in 2007.  I get introduced to the two principals of this think tank, the real brains behind the operation, and I was intrigued by these two individuals and their story.  It fascinated me.  Then I get asked to write this book.  One thing led to another, and now we have Conversations on the Bench, which is a great tribute to this brilliant individual.

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