Revisit: How did you get into writing? Interview by learnfreemarketing

I think my first writing experience was writing a different ending to a book that I had finished reading. I didn’t like the ending, so I sat down and re-wrote the last couple of chapters. I quickly realized that I really enjoyed writing, particularly creative writing. Up to that point, most of my writing had been research, commentaries, or articles. So, I stepped out of the box and started writing short stories and a couple of screenplays. My writing progressed from there to novel. I wrote The Versailles Conspiracy first, but I didn’t really like the first version so I put it away for a couple of years. I wrote Murder at the Ocean Forest next. Once I started writing I never really stopped. I went from Murder at the Ocean Forest back to The Versailles Conspiracy then The House of Dark Shadows, The Maynwarings and Conversations on the Bench. I’m still writing articles and commentaries about various subjects—the economy, politics, business—but I’m doing less of that and focusing more on creative writing. I think it’s somewhat therapeutic for me, and it gives me a chance to escape from the stress of the real world and get lost in a world that I’m creating.

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