Symposium 2015: Do schools need more authority to discipline students? If so, how do we accomplish this?

Cartwright—All of my colleagues here have hit on one important point, and that’s the lack of respect that kids today have for authority figures.  The school system suffers from the inmates running the prison.  That has to stop.  I’ve long advocated turning over the entire school system in the America to the military.  Let me be clear that I’m not saying we turn public schools into military schools.  I’m simply saying that the administration of the schools be run by the military.  Kids will be taught respect and manners, and if the parents need to be taught some respect and manners, they can be taught respect as well courtesy of America’s finest military personnel.  I think the military is pretty good at the whole discipline thing, don’t you?  Unruly kids in school would learn that their actions have consequences, and I don’t think they would want more than one dose of military discipline.  I think it would improve moral in the schools and make our schools safer for students, teachers, and administrators alike.  I think you would see an improvement in test scores because there wouldn’t be learning disruptions in the classrooms and habitually truant students would be getting paid a visit by a couple of MPs.


The fact is the public education system has no effective means of disciplining students anymore.  The only way to restore that is to have the system run by the military.  Good luck suing Uncle Sam if you feel your precious little child who has no respect for teachers or others has been mistreated if they have to peel potatoes or do pushups or if they get their ass whipped.  Many kids these days are being taught morals or values or respect in their homes so they need to get it somewhere else.  The schools have been emasculated when it comes to this, so let’s give a new approach a try.

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