Symposium 2015: Are the Democrats and Republicans both becoming more extremist and does this give rise to a viable third party?

Cartwright—I’d like to point out to my friends here that we do have a third party in America.  It’s the Libertarian party, but unfortunately, it doesn’t get much attention though it does have a following.  However, the Republicans and the Democrats are never going to let third party candidates be successful.  This would upset their balance of power and they’re going to do whatever it takes to maintain their power and their control. 


Someone made a comment a minute ago that the two parties are one and the same and that the system is rigged.  That’s exactly right.  We are ruled in America by a political elite establishment.  They think they’re better than the ordinary American.  They think they know better than the America people.  If you’re not one of them, you have about zero chance of any success in politics.  They look out for their own and make sure they get their own into the “club” in Washington.  They pick the candidates that they want and even before they get elected the upper echelon from the party takes them to lunch or takes them out to golf and tells them what they’re going to do when they get to Washington, tells them what committee they’ll be on once they’re elected, and how they’re going to vote.  If you buck the trend, if you’re not a good little soldier who falls in line with the establishment, you’re done.  They all play their little game of back and forth.  They trash talk each other on TV, and when it’s all over they go have drinks together and yuck it up at how stupid the American people are.  Does this make us any different from Russia or China?


Why do you think the establishment hates Donald Trump so much?  They know he’s not going to play their little game, and they feel he’s a threat to their power and balance.  Trump is the Luke Skywalker to the establishment Evil Galactic Empire.  They’re seeking to destroy him.  Ross Perot was the same.  Look what they did to him.  Let’s go further back to George Wallace, the last their party candidate to win any Electoral College electors.  Everyone who is a threat to them gets attacked either physically or with smear campaigns.


Do we need a viable third party in the United States?  Absolutely.  It would be great if we could get some third party candidates, particularly Libertarians, elected to the Congress.  Perhaps it would force some compromise between the parties and get the system working a little bit better.  Is that ever going to happen?  I doubt it unless we can get a candidate like Trump to back quality third party candidates in Congressional elections.  I don’t think it’s highly likely, but it’s nice to dream about.  I want what’s best for America and I want America to be the great place that our Founding Fathers envisioned.  Unfortunately, our constitutional republic has been hijacked by the political elite who are more interested in self preservation and personal gain than doing what’s best for the country.

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