Symposium 2015: Should members of the Congress be allowed to gain financially from their positions? What should we do about this, if anything?

Cartwright-No, politicians should not be allowed to profit from public service, but the reality is that they do.  The statistics on the wealth in the Congress is staggering.  The median net worth is over $1 million.  You have people in the Congress worth $400-$500 million dollars, and you have only a handful who are of very modest net worth.  The reality is that the Congress is full of a bunch of high net worth individuals making decisions that benefit themselves more than anyone.  They’re out of touch with every day Americans, and they can’t relate to every day Americans from their ivory towers in the insulated world of Washington, D.C.


I’m sure the people in the Congress are all a bunch of honest, hardworking, compassionate, decent people who have the best interests of their constituents and the country at heart.  And did I mention they’re probably as honest as the day is long?  They just happen to be wealthy from their previous careers as lawyers for the most part.  And their increase in net worth while they are in the Congress is just coincidence; it’s just dumb luck because their holdings are all in blind trusts and being managed by professional money managers.  They just happen to be rich already, and their money is really working for them.  Their increase in net worth has nothing to do with their public service.


Qu’ils mangent de la brioche!

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