Symposium 2015: Should unemployment and welfare benefits be tied to community service?

Cartwright—Absolutely!  Why should we let people on welfare or unemployment sit around all day watching Netflix, playing video games, going to the gym, having sex, smoking dope, and doing nothing to contribute to society in a meaningful way?  These people are fully able to work, but many of them are just flat out lazy.  It’s become a lifestyle for them.  Why work when someone is willing to pay you to sit around and do nothing? 


Obviously, we need to address the bigger issue of welfare reform in this country.  It’s nothing more than a modern day plantation system where welfare recipients are slaves to the plantation overseer, Uncle Sam.  They rely on Uncle Sam for every aspect of their existence.  Sadly, it’s become generational, much like on the plantation.  Successive generations are born into it and never escape.  This needs to stop.  There clearly needs to be limits on the amount of time you can receive welfare benefits, that is unless you’re providing forty hour or more per week in community service.  Let’s set up a system that tells the welfare or unemployment recipient where to go to do the community service each week.  If they don’t turn in their timecard with forty hours of work verified, they don’t get the benefits.  They can work the food kitchen or the homeless shelters.  They can pick up trash along the roads.  There are plenty of community improvement projects that need done in communities throughout America.  They can help public works fill potholes in the roads if they need to.


And how about this?  If we’re going to build a wall across our southern border, let’s round up all the illegals and the people on welfare and unemployment and ship them down there to build it in exchange for their benefits while they’re working on the border wall.  If they refuse, their benefits are cut off immediately.


These people are just sitting around and doing nothing. Let’s put them to work.  If they don’t like the work, they can find another job.  These people have been sucking off the teat of the taxpayers for far too long.  I don’t mind helping people get back on their feet or helping those who are incapacitated and can’t work, but it makes me sick to think that my hard-earned tax dollars are going to fund habitually lazy leeches of society.


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