Thursday Thoughts: Perserverance

“Let me give you another example,” Sebastian said, smiling. “Let me put it in terms of golf. A lot of good golfers play in the U.S. Open, right?”
“Of course.”
“All right. At the start of the tournament, everyone has the same shot. How many times have you seen someone really shoot a good round on the first day, only to blow their five—or six-shot lead the second one? You could be ten shots out of first place and have a dozen guys in front of you, but if you just grind along, stay focused, and give it your best, you may just wind up winning. The guys in front of you are gonna make some mistakes, maybe back up some, so if you’re still grinding along, doing your thing, the next thing you know, you might be holding the trophy or a big fat check.”

“You’ve got a point,” Robbie agreed.
“I know I do. How many of those golfers quit just because they’re not in the lead on the first or second day?” Sebastian challenged. “None of them. They’re professionals. They just keep plugging along, practicing perseverance. When you’re new to the tour, you may not win, but you’ve gotta keep playing to get your name out there. Show people what you’re made of and keep yourself in the mix. You will eventually pick up a sponsor here and a sponsor there, and things will start moving a little better. You’re game will naturally pick up, and you’ll eventually rise to the level of the competition around you. You may play in 100 tournaments and just break even with your expenses with little to nothing left over,
but then you get that first tour win and you find yourself at the next level. You’ll be earning bigger and better endorsements, landing a couple commercials, and you won’t have to worry about not making the cut next time.”

conversations on the bench

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