Monday motivation: Never accept being treated like crap

“You’re like the rental car they picked up at the Detroit airport,” Sebastian continued. “They don’t give a shit because they haven’t really invested shit. They’ll drive you hard, tear you up, abuse you, and get as
much mileage as they can. As long as you let them treat you like a rented mule, they will continue to do so.”

“But don’t you have to suck it up sometimes? Just take the whipping?”Robbie said. “Don’t you have to in order to keep the peace and keep a good client.”
Sebastian gave him a look of concern. “Never accept being treated like crap,” he admonished. “This is business, and these guys are professionals. Trust me, if that’s how they treat people, they’re not the good guys you think they are, and you don’t need to be involved with them.”

conversations on the bench

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