Q & A 2017: What are your general thoughts on Monday Night Raw and SmackDown Live?

I’m actually liking SmackDown Live a bit more than Monday Night Raw at the moment.  I’m not a fan of the cruiserweight division at this point, and it seems Raw is spending a disproportionate amount of time on these matches.  I don’t like that the announcers aren’t ringside anymore on Raw.  I think it takes something away from the show.  There also seems to be a lot more talking and recapping of prior matches on Raw.  And I certainly don’t care much for Kevin Owens…he can’t wrestle, he can’t talk and he has absolutely no stage presence or charisma.  Yet, Raw has made him their posterboy.  Big mistake in my opinion.  When he comes on, I go get a drink or something.  I have no interest in his same old rhetoric.  As far as I’m concerned, WWE can ship him back to Quebec.  In all, Raw’s matches are of less quality, the talent seems lower quality in general, and the show less desirable at this point.  Having said that, I still watch it.  I think SmackDown Live is doing great.  They have the better talent, and the matches seem better as a result of the better talent.  I think Raw will eventually come around, but it may take Vince McMahon to sort things out.

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