What is your outlook for President Trump’s agenda?

I’m very optimistic about President Trump and his agenda, just as I was very optimistic about his candidacy when everyone else said he didn’t have a chance.  I think President Trump has a great opportunity to bring Republicans together after the divisive primary and unite the party and equally as important, to work with Democrats to address the great challenges facing our country.  I’ve spoken at length about those challenges in the past: the national debt, the economy and jobs, tax reform, immigration reform, and healthcare.  President Trump won an election which was the voters’ repudiation of the liberal Obama agenda.  He was given a mandate for the agenda he espoused on the campaign trail, and since he has been in office he has been working towards fulfilling his campaign promises.


There is no doubt that our country is deeply divided.  President Trump’s address to the joint session of the Congress was a great speech.  He clearly wants to put aside partisan politics that have plagued Washington for decades and work with Republicans and Democrats to fix the problems facing our country.  He’s a great businessman.  In business, he surrounded himself with good people and negotiated with various stakeholders to make deals work.  I think he’s going to use that same approach now that he’s President.  He’ll get leading Republicans and Democrats together at the White House and see where they can find common ground on these issue.  Then, let the negotiations begin.


I think infrastructure will be the easiest bill to get through.  This is an area that Democrats have typically supported.  Remember Obama’s “shovel ready projects”?  I think tax reform and repealing and replacing or reforming Obamacare are related issues.  I’m hopeful this is going to get accomplished sooner rather than later.  Immigration reform is going to be much tougher but not impossible.


In other areas, President Trump is already taking steps to ease burdensome regulations imposed by the prior administration.  These regulations made it unnecessarily difficult for companies to conduct business.


I’m most pleased with the fact that President Trump continues to be of the position that he’s representing the American people and that America comes first.  He’s not representing the world; he’s representing “We the People.”


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