2017 Q&A: How does writing fit in with your daily life?

While I try to allocate a bit of time everyday to writing, it never works out that way.  Inevitably, I get tied up on a phone call or with another project and my writing has to take a back seat.  But, that doesn’t mean that the day passes without my giving some consideration to the book I’m currently working on or some idea I have for a future book.  It’s amazing how many ideas I come up with on the treadmill!  When I do have time to write, I find that sometimes I’m in the mood and sometimes I’m not in the mood.  If I’m not feeling it, it’s a total waste of time to sit at the computer and try to force it.  If I’m in the right mindset and feel the inspiration to write, I’ll use the time I’ve allocated and oftentimes more time than I’ve allocated.  It’s tough to stop when you have the creative juices flowing and you’re on a roll with what you’re working on.  That’s when I do my best writing.

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