Coming soon: Gems & Jewels

Gems & Jewels is the second book in a new series from Digger Cartwright.


After settling a devastating mine workers strike in Africa, a triumphant Jarrod Van Kliem returns to the United States from exile in London.  Despite his success, not everyone is pleased by his return and the painful memories that his mere presence resurrects.  His father, Charles, and uncle, Phillip, who run the powerful family enterprise are wary of Jarrod’s return and are quick to plot against him to preserve their hold on power.  Jarrod’s own focus on rekindling his romance with a prior love interest belies his true vengeful intentions, and it quickly becomes clear that he’ll wage a shareholder coup to depose his own family at the company.  As the battle lines are drawn, surprise family allegiances are exposed, and new alliances are formed.

But Jarrod’s plans are disrupted by the arrival of a disgruntled mine foreman whose surprising allegations about the mine workers’ settlement cast suspicion on Jarrod’s activities in Africa and threaten to derail his plans.  With his uncle, Eric, and cousin, Keith, sent to Africa to investigate the claims and a surprising attack on his family, Jarrod hopes to seize the opportunity to exploit a void at the company and use that to facilitate his own power grab.

The road to restoring his control over the family business that had been grabbed from him years ago is fraught with challenges, but Jarrod will stop at nothing to get what he wants—even if it means destroying his own family in the process!


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