The Versailles Conspiracy

Readers Favorite Finalist- Fiction-Thriller-Political 2017


Readers Favorite Honorable Mention- Fiction Southern


When a city building inspector is murdered, Lieutenant Wickland opens an investigation that stretches from the high society of local country clubs to The Flamingo Beachwear Store, whose Russian owner is suspected of selling counterfeit goods, to a mysterious international arms dealer to the notorious but elusive drug kingpin known simply as Mr. Grey.

As the investigation takes them deeper into the backroom deals of the local good old boys and the net tightens around the crafty Russian with a loathing of America, Wickland and his colleague, Doug Graisco, are drawn into a web of international politics, deceit, and danger.

As they navigate the complex web of intrigue to decipher who is who, they race against time, political roadblocks, and unexpected assailants to unlock the secrets of the Versailles conspiracy and stop an international incident that threatens global security.


The Versailles Conspiracy is available on Amazon! 

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