A-Z Blog: X

Xenodochial- friendly to strangers. The inspiration behind Conversations On The Bench is a friendship between a young man named and his larger-than-life mentor. Sebastian Perey never met a stranger, perfectly described as xenodochial.

A-Z Blog: V

V for Vendetta- Although Digger does not frequently watch Television he is known to appreciate a good movie from time to time. V For Vendetta, with its strong political tones, is one movie Digger has in his own collection. The power of government, wether it be The British Parliment or the United States Government, should always be in check by the people it is governing. This movie does a phenominal job portraying the dangers of an over-reaching government.

A-Z Blog: U

Bob Uecker- Baseball, America’s past time, has always had a spot in Digger’s heart. This could be attributed to Mr. Baseball, who is and always will be one of the best announcers ever in the sport.  Digger believes Mr. Baseball should be part of the official TV announce team for every world series.

A-Z Blog: T

Thinking Outside The Boxe- Digger participates frequently in the symposiums and champagne summints hosted by Thinking Outside The Boxe. Digger finds true value in honest unbiased, non-partisan opinions. His true wish is fore more Americans to express interest in politics.