Editorial Reviews

Reviewed By Trudi LoPreto for Readers’ Favorite

The Versailles Conspiracy by Robert “Digger” Cartwright is a great story of crime, political scandal, intrigue and international events. The action begins on page one and the ending will blow your socks off. Wickland and Graisco are the two Myrtle Beach police detectives who have been assigned to the case of the murder of city building inspector, Max Spaulding. This is not just a simple murder case as they quickly find out. Each clue leads to a bigger clue and each discovery adds more questions and more people become suspects. We are never sure who the bad guys really are; is it the Russian, the members of the convention center committee, or someone else? I do not want to reveal too much of the story because only by reading The Versailles Conspiracy will the story fit together.

Robert “Digger” Cartwright is an incredibly good author who writes with such strength and description that I found myself pulled into the book and a part of the action. His attention to detail and his strong character development are remarkable. The Versailles Conspiracy has every element of a good fiction/thriller/terrorist book that I could have imagined and more. The Versailles Conspiracy will not disappoint and is a must-read. Robert “Digger” Cartwright is an author who cannot be ignored, his books are the best! I cannot say enough good things about The Versailles Conspiracy except that you must read it; no matter what your favorite genre of book may be – this one has it all.

Reviewed By Valerie Rouse for Readers’ Favorite

The Versailles Conspiracy is an intriguing tale about an insidious plot to spread cholera in the USA. The saga unfolds with the killing of Max Spalding, a building inspector. He served on two committees, one concerning the development of a new convention center, and the elite Versailles committee. Unfortunately, there was a conflict of interest as Spalding was aware that the Versailles Club also had plans to develop land close to the proposed convention centre. Detective Wickland had his hands full as he probed Spalding’s murder. The plot really thickens as Spalding was connected to a Mr. Grey, a known drug dealer. In addition, Spalding was also in bed with Stratavynski, a Russian businessman who had ties to FARC, a terrorist organization based in Colombia. Unknown to Spalding, his mistress/secretary Janet was also sleeping with Mr. Grey.

The Versailles Conspiracy is truly an interesting story. I love the plot within the plot aspect of the novel. The book is really full of unexpected twists and turns and this increases the overall suspense. I love the descriptive detail of the scenarios that author Robert Cartwright provided. This portrays his creative skills. I enjoyed the inclusion of his name as a persona in the novel. This is a very smart move. The language use is semi-formal as the plot encompasses serious issues plus a murder investigation. I was enthralled from the beginning. I read it in one sitting! The book only contain six chapters, yet it was chock full of intense action and drama. The element of pervasive corruption and greed stands out. The cops vs. robbers theme has been fully explored. I thoroughly enjoyed reading The Versailles Conspiracy. I highly recommend it to all readers, especially lovers of suspense and intrigue novels.


Reviewed By Hilary Hawkes for Readers’ Favorite

The Versailles Conspiracy by Robert “Digger” Cartwright is an exciting and enthralling crime/thriller. Yuri Stratavynski of the Russian underworld is part of a secretive and impossible to fathom labyrinth of seemingly unrelated criminal activity. Detective Witland has his work cut out following the suspicious death of building inspector Max Spalding, and his leads take him deep into the dangerous world of murders, drug dealing and organised crime. Just when he begins to see the connection between the dubious acquisition of the city water works, a secret revolutionary movement and the Russian, he realises that he has stumbled into something more sinister that could put US citizens at risk and have far reaching global and political consequences.

Cartwright’s The Versailles Conspiracy is an intricate and thrilling story with a brilliantly written plot. The prologue hooks you right into the mystery and danger. There is much observation and attention to the details of each scene and situation, which has the effect of transporting the reader right into the world of the main characters. This descriptive writing style is remarkable and certainly enables the reader to have great insight into the characters’ thoughts and states of mind. At the same time, there is a good pace to the plot, and plenty of mystery, danger, deceit and dead-ends as Witland and his colleagues piece things together. The main characters are very well depicted and developed – Detective Witland is likable and believable and the villains, as in all excellent thrillers, are typically mysterious with dangerous depths. Readers who love thrillers will love this one – it has it all: secrecy, danger, excitement, and an author who does a good job at keeping us guessing through all the complexities and the unexpected twists.

Reviewed By Tracy A. Fischer for Readers’ Favorite

When building inspector Max Spalding dies in a terrible car accident, something just doesn’t seem right. Detectives Graisco and Wickland, assigned to the case by the local Myrtle Beach police department, quickly realize that his death was no accident. And when they start to look into what really happened, they realize that they’re in for more than they ever expected. In an investigative novel that leads from the highest echelons of Myrtle Beach’s elite all the way to a Russian crime syndicate, The Versailles Conspiracy by author Robert “Digger” Cartwright leads the reader on a wild ride of mystery, suspense and action, from its beginning all the way to its exciting end.

Digger Cartwright’s new book kept me on the edge of my seat throughout. A fantastic police procedural, the descriptions, explanations and backstory provided make it difficult for me to believe that Mr. Cartwright doesn’t have a background in investigation himself. The plot is engaging and complex enough to keep even those who are tired of mysteries and thrillers to stay involved. The development of the characters is fantastic; you’ll find yourself rooting for Graisco and Wickland, and despising the Russian Vladimir Stratavynski as well as the other unsavories this book reveals. The Versailles Conspiracy is much more than a simple story, and would appeal to any reader who loves mysteries, detective novels, police procedurals, action/adventures, political intrigue, or just a plain good book. This was the first novel of Robert “Digger” Cartwright’s that I’ve read, but it certainly won’t be the last. I can’t wait to see what he comes up with next!