Interview with This Lady Writes part 2

Share a little about your writing journey. 

 I’ve been writing a long time.  I’ve told this story many times before, but I don’t ever get tired of it.  I started out by writing an alternate ending to a book I was reading.  I don’t recall which one.  This was an exercise I did many times early on.  For whatever reason, I didn’t like the ending and figured I could have done it better. So I did.  From there I wrote a few short stories and a teleplay, and then I decided to take the plunge and write a novel.  I started by writing the outline and making a list of characters and the sequence of events.  Then I jumped right into it.  That turned out to be Murder at the Ocean Forest.  I wanted to go the traditional route of getting an agent and publishing through a publishing house.  That didn’t go the way I was wanting or that I liked, so I decided to be an indie author.  But this process took me a couple of years to come to this decision, and in the meantime I had started The Versailles Conspiracy then stopped then started again.  Once I got focused again and finished that one, I went on to The House of Dark Shadows and The Maynwarings.  But while I was working on these last two, I also was working on Conversations on the Bench in that I was doing interviews with Mr. Clinger from time to time.  So there were a few things going on simultaneously over the years.

This Lady Writes

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