Interview with This Lady Writes part 10

How can readers connect with you? 

 I’ve got a pretty extensive online and social media presence.  Readers can follow me on Twitter at @MysteryDigger or on Facebook.  They can keep up with me on my website,, and on my blog,  I’m also on Pinterest.  Readers can keep up with where I’ve been, some of my favorite restaurants or wine or recipes, what I’m reading, and what I find interesting.  Join me on LinkedIn too.  And I’ve also got a daily news briefing that readers can subscribe to at  It’s a daily paper with articles on topics that I find of interest and about things I care about.  We’ve tried to set up a diversified range of articles on everything from indie authors, golf, economics, animal welfare and care, charities, the WWE, a bit of sports, recipes and fashion, and of course some articles that I’ve written.

This Lady Writes 

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