Symposium 2015: Is year round education good for student learning?

Cartwright—The more we can keep the kids in school, the better off we all are. If they’re in school, they’re not out roaming the streets getting into trouble or mischief.  I would think most parents would like this.  Who takes care of the kids in the summer while the parents are working? 


Just keeping kids in school isn’t enough.  We need to make sure they’re getting a first rate education while they’re in school.  We need to go back to grouping kids in classes based on aptitudes so they can learn at their own level and pace instead of teaching to the lowest aptitude in the room.  We need to have great educators in the classrooms; get the best and the brightest to teach the kids.  Let’s give college kids an incentive to become teachers, and make sure we give the best of the best teachers already in classrooms an incentive to stay.  Let’s get the federal government out of the way of teachers and administrators and let education be run at the local level…of course, notwithstanding my earlier comments to put the military in charge of school administration.  We need to be doing whatever it takes to prepare future generations for the competitive global economy.

Read More here at Thinking Outside The Boxe

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