Symposium 2015: Should open carry with appropriate background checks and licensing be permitted in all 50 states as a federal regulation?

Cartwright—I do believe that we should have open carry in each and every state for those individuals who have obtained an open carry permit.  This would be like a concealed weapon permit which requires classes and target practice in addition to substantial background checks.  If you can pass all of this, I’m all for it.  I think this would seriously reduce a lot of crimes in America.  Who’s going to walk into the liquor store and rob it if there’s ten people walking around with firearms on their hips?  Who’s going to walk into a restaurant or theater and start shooting if other people have guns?  Hell, I think this is a great solution to airline security as well.  Give every passenger who gets on the plane a pistol and have them turn it back in when they get off the plane.  How many hijackings do you think there would be if all the passengers were equally armed?   Continue reading