Christmas wish list: From Digger Cartwright

I was asked today what I wanted for Christmas.  It is rare that I exchange gifts for Christmas.  What do you buy someone who has everything they want or who gets what they want throughout the year?  As a child the prospect of waking up and finding that special toy you’ve been looking forward to under the Christmas tree is very exciting; you’re full of anticipation.  As an adult, the gift exchange seems to lose its luster.  I’ve advocated with friends and family to give to the charity of one another’s choice in lieu of a gift exchange.  Christmas is the season for giving and showing goodwill.  What better way to accomplish that than by giving to charitable causes, particularly charities dedicated to helping those in need?


For me the joy now is making a difference in the life of one in need rather than receiving a gift.  I believe that if the money is going to be spent over the holidays (and people love to spend over the holidays) it is put to better use for charitable causes.  My preference is to find charitable causes and provide them with supplies that can be used as opposed to strictly cash contributions which may or may not directly benefit those in need.  I would encourage you this Christmas season to seize the opportunity to donate to charity and to make a difference in the life of one in need.  And this helps to make the world a better place.


Since the question was posed to me, I thought I would take an opportunity to consider some of the things I want for Christmas.


  1. I want loving homes and warm beds for all the orphaned animals in shelters who are just waiting to find their furever homes and their family. They are lost, scared, and abandoned, living in cold cages.  These animals can offer you much love and affection and can make such a difference in your life.  Give one of them a chance this Christmas.


  1. I want an end to animal cruelty. Those willing to harm innocent, helpless animals are vile individuals who are no better than those willing to harm innocent children. Animals are not here to be abused or harmed simply because they’re animals.  They deserve to be loved and respected.  Those engaged in animal cruelty should be prosecuted in the same manner as child abusers and molesters.


  1. I want an end of to the senseless euthanizing of stray and orphaned animals. Why should these animals be put down simply because they haven’t found a furever home in a certain amount of time? We need to put an end to the death row in animal shelters.  We’ll keep violent murderers and rapists serving life sentences in prison alive at a tremendous cost to the taxpayers (upwards of $50,000 per year) along with lifers for other non-violent crimes.  Yet, we’re unable to keep orphaned and abandoned animals alive.  We’re quick to give them a death sentence but we won’t execute the violent prisoners serving life sentences.  Who can contribute more and make a difference in others’ lives—the shelter pet or the murderer?  LET’S END THE DEATH ROW IN ANIMAL SHELTERS!


  1. I want more respect for indie authors. There is no doubt that indie authors are looked down upon by the mainstream publishing houses and critics. We’re seen as inferior.  We’re seen as unworthy.  We’re seen as amateurs.  We’re not taken seriously.  As a result, the opportunity for our works to be published by mainstream publishing houses is limited.  To be sure, there are a lot of indie authors who aren’t really serious about writing.  They throw together an e-book hastily and without true dedication to the art of writing; they give all indie authors a bad name.  But, there are many indie authors who take the art of writing very seriously.  We are the ones who are dedicated to our work.  These indie authors produce a wide variety of works—some of which are marginal, some of which are good, some of which are very good, and some of which are excellent (the diamonds in the rough).  Being an indie author is difficult; most of us write because we love the art.  We dedicate ourselves to our work and spend countless hours writing a book.  We deserve to be taken seriously and shown respect.


  1. I want more patience. I want the manuscript I’m working on done and done now, but a good manuscript isn’t written overnight or with haste. It takes time.  I want things done in a timely manner, and I often get frustrated when tasks aren’t accomplished in a timely manner for whatever reason.  Patience is a virtue.  I need more patience.


  1. I want Sasha Banks and Alexa Bliss from WWE NXT to be the next divas on Monday Night RAW. I’m quite tired of the Bella twins and all the girls who want to be superstars on Total Divas. AJ Lee has carried the divas division for the last nearly two years.  She’s a GREAT diva, but she needs some competition.  The divas division needs some new personalities to spice it up.  Sasha Banks and Alex Bliss are talented wrestlers and have great presence.  WWE, bring them to RAW (and SmackDown) and spice up the divas division!


  1. I want to see more people giving to charities. Christmas is the season for giving and showing goodwill. What better way to accomplish that than by giving to charitable causes, particularly charities dedicated to helping those in need?  Why not let the charities benefit rather than the retailers?  My favorite charitable organizations are no-kill animal shelters.  For me the joy is making a difference in the life of a homeless animal in need.  If the money is going to be spent over the holidays (and it will be), let’s put it to better use for charitable causes.  Rather than send a check to the shelter and not know how the money will be used or if it will be used to directly benefit the animals, I like to send or deliver supplies and care packages.  The bags of food and the litter, the toys, the bleach, the paper towels, and all the other supplies are going to be put to good use feeding and caring for homeless animals.


  1. I want the Dallas Cowboys in the Super Bowl. What can I say? The Ravens didn’t do well this year, and I’ve long been a fan of America’s Team.  The Cowboys are playing well and have the potential to go all the way to the Super Bowl.  I hope they can do it.  They’re long overdue for a championship.


  1. I want more focus on the meaning of Christmas and the Christmas spirit. Society has gotten too materialistic and has moved away from celebrating Christmas to celebrating materialism and consumption. In the process, they are hoping to fill a void in life left by the absence of any religious foundation.  There are those who are trying to phase Christmas out and replace it with a more abstract, “Happy Holiday.”  Let’s get back to some basics.  Keep Christ in Christmas.  Keep the spirit of kindness, giving (charitably) and goodwill alive and well.  Let’s keep in mind that Christmas isn’t about gifts and the individuals.  It’s about something bigger than any one of us individually.  Take the Christmas message and Christmas spirit to heart and use it to make the world around you a better place.


  1. I want all the elderly in nursing homes and their own homes who have been forgotten by friends and family or who may not have either to be remembered and to feel the spirit of Christmas. They may be in need of the basic necessities in life—food, clothing, company, etc.  Remember, sometimes we take for granted the basic necessities that we have.  For the old and the infirm in nursing homes, some time with others to talk and socialize may be all that it takes to make a difference.  And the simple act of caring and giving can do wonders in the lives of those who feel lost, abandoned, and forgotten.  Keep these people in mind this Christmas.



This year I gave back to the local Humane Society. They introduced me to one of my girls!

Ten reasons Digger loves #WWENetwork @wwebestdressed 1

Sasha Banks—Sasha Banks is by far my favorite up-and-coming diva in the NXT women’s division.  I love her attitude!  She definitely has the persona, the attitude, and the wrestling skills to be on RAW.  Hopefully, Triple H will soon figure out that the BO$$ is best for business!  Until she is on RAW, watching NXT on WWE Network is the only way I get to see Sasha Banks’ in-ring action.  Sadly, I’ve never actually met Sasha at any of the events I’ve attended.  Perhaps someday…


Ten reasons Digger loves #WWENetwork @wwebestdressed 2

NXT—This is probably my favorite program on the WWE Network.  I’ve been attending NXT events, and its forerunner Florida Championship Wrestling (FCW), for years (though my schedule hasn’t permitted me to attend recently).  NXT provides the opportunity to see some up-and-coming talent.  These are the young men and women who are working hard trying to break into the business.  They’re the ones performing in the armories and gymnasiums off the beaten paths to small audiences as they work their way up the ladder and perfect their wrestling skills and talents.  This is where the talent starts, and I’ve had the opportunity to see in person a lot of great matches and superstars who are now on RAW and SmackDown—Damien Sandow, Xavier Woods, the Wyatt Family.  Sure, it’s not RAW or SmackDown, but NXT never fails to provide good wrestling entertainment.


Ten reasons Digger loves #WWENetwork @wwebestdressed 3

Superstars—This show is usually good for at least two matches, sometimes three.  It’s good programming, and you get to see some superstars who you don’t normally get to see in action.  There are some rivalries that continue from week to week and that you don’t normally see on RAW or SmackDown.  I always enjoyed Superstars before it moved to the WWE Network, and it’s probably one of the underrated shows that get overlooked.  Nonetheless, it’s good wrestling entertainment.


Ten reasons Digger loves #WWENetwork @wwebestdressed 4

Can re-watch any historic pay-per-view—It’s sort of funny that I’ve been to a lot of pay-per-view events in person but never got to see the broadcast and hear the commentaries.  WWE Network enables me to go back and watch these pay-per-views and some of my favorites over the years.  Extreme Rules 2011?  I was there when John Cena announced that Osama Bin Laden had been killed.  I can relive that moment and the surge of patriotism in that arena anytime.   How about Capitol Punishment 2011?  Over-the-Limit 2012?


Ten reasons Digger loves #WWENetwork @wwebestdressed 5

Can watch it anytime and anywhere—One of the best aspects of WWE Network is that I can watch it anytime or anywhere on my tablet or smartphone. This really comes in handy on long car or train rides or while my car is stuck in traffic.  But I can watch it in the middle of the night if I can’t sleep or in the morning while I’m having a cup of tea, and I can start and stop the programming and come back to it if I need to.  There’s no remembering to record a program.  You can search the WWE vault for what you want and watch it whenever you want, and I don’t have to worry about being at home to watch the shows when they air originally (except for RAW and SmackDown).  If I’m out of town, I don’t have to find a place to go to watch the pay-per-views; now I can watch them wherever I am.  I can go back and watch Vince McMahon tell Bret Hart that each and every member of the Hart family is a dysfunctional derelict or Mark Henry’s tearful encounter with John Cena or the Fiesta Del Rio with Hornswoggle and the piñata.    Anywhere. Over and over again, if I want.